Aarina N PROK geb,2005

Aarina N descends from the famous progenitor Argentinus (Argentan I x Duden II) out of the celebrated Absatz family. Argentinus has earned fame particularly as sire of the international top-class showjumping horses Arko III, Adlantus As and Anka. However, Argentinus is one of those rare sires that, besides showjumping horses, also produces international top-classers for the dressage sport. Albano under Heike Kemmer and Amaretto under Isabell Werth are, no doubt, the most successful products in the international dressage top. Dam Harina, like the world famous black dressage stallion Olympic Ferro, is a product of the stallion Ulft (Le Mexico). Under Coby van Baalen Ferro earned, amongst other achievements, a sixth place at the Rome WC and a silver medal for the Dutch team at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Granddam Sarina, like dressage horse begetter Uniform, descends from the thoroughbred stallion Wahtamin xx. Aarina’s dam’s line goes back via the stallions Ulex and Wachtmeester to the mare Ibertine (Caesar). Also the famous Gelders stallion Siegfried (L’Invasion) is a son of Ibertine. This family also produced the international showjumping horse Santa Douglas (Silvano) under Eric van der Vleuten and the BWP-licensed stallion Moriaan de Darmen (Lys de Darmen).











Pedigree of:

Aarina N PROK geb,2005





M.Dorle st.pr.st.



M.Harina keur

H.Ulft keur

H.Le Mexico

M.Pia keur Pref.

M.Sarina keur pref.pres.

H.Wahtamin xx

M.Gibertina ster