Hinula Elite pref. pres.st.4847 geb 1989

The foundation for Stal van Nispenís showjumping horse breeding was laid with the Holstein mare Hinula, no-one less than a full sister of the famous stallions Lancer I, II and III. Their sire Landgraf I is one of the most influential showjumping horse producers of the last century. Legendary showjumping horses, such as Libero H, Taggi, Freestyle, Lacros and Waterford Crystal, descend, like Hinula, from Landgraf I. The stallions Lancer I, II and III are all used in German breeding. Lancer I was successful at national level in the showjumping sport and was given little chance in breeding. Lancer II was 1988 champion of the Holstein stallion selection. A whole series of products from Lancer II are performing in the international showjumping sport, the best known being Hidden Creekís Angel, Lareina Z, Lucy May, Loxley, San Patrignano Lancerina and Lara. Lancer III performed at the highest level of the showjumping sport himself under Toni Hassmann and, in addition, he produced a number of internationally performing offspring, such as Lanco, Ludi and Lover Boy. Like her famous brothers, also Hinula was successful in breeding. When a 4-yr-old, Hinula produced in combination with Nimmerdor the stallion No Limit who was later licensed for breeding in the Rheinland-Pfalz-Saar and Sachsen region. Under Falk Reppe No Limit was successful in the showjumping sport at S-level. The damís line of Hinula is registered in Holstein under lineage number 4847. This wide-branched Holstein lineage also produced the international showjumping horses White Jumper, Cher, Carlos Boy (Jurgen Kurz) and Classic Woman.

Hinula N - Landgraf x Fantus 22 jr.


SPORT HORSE BREEDING September 2010:Jumping horse family 4847 is the best from the world.










 No limit ggh. Nimmerdor x Landgraf 








Pedigree of:

Hinula Elite pref. pres.st.4847 geb 1989


H.Ladykiller xx

H.Sailing Light xx

M.lone Beech




M. Inula St. 4847




M.Nachtblume st. 4847


M.Dornrose st. 4847